American Spirit Cigarettes Shopping


An Inside Look at American Spirit Cigarettes:
American Spirit Cigarettes have won rave reviews from users. If you've never tried one before or you're already a fan of this brand, here's some information on its manufacturer. Natural American Spirit is produced by Santa Fe-based tobacco manufacturer Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company. Presently, its parent company is Reynolds American, which is owned by well-known UK MNC British American Tobacco the second-biggest tobacco company in the world, by sales.

History of Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company:
The tobacco manufacturer started operations in 1982 Reynolds American bought it in 2002 for $340 million. Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company's products are sold worldwide, in America, Europe, Australia, Japan and Canada. It is best known for manufacturing Natural American Spirit cigarettes. The company does not conduct animal-testing for its tobacco products. It also reserves a part of its revenue for North American charities seeking financial assistance.

How did American Spirit first make a splash?
The brand chose a green marketing strategy, calling its products natural and 100% additive free. The claims can be evidenced by the fact that the manufacturer makes cigarettes from organic tobacco and without any chemical additives. The cigarettes are made from whole-leaf tobacco and not sheet tobacco, as is the norm with many manufacturers. However, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company emphasizes that all-natural, addictive-free tobacco is not necessarily safer. In fact, more than the marketing approach, what truly matters taste, throat hit and buzz - have made this brand popular. If you were to look at customer testimonials of American Spirit Cigarettes, you will find that it has a high satisfaction rate. Smokers have acknowledged that the cigarettes feel less processed, offer an enjoyable throat hit, and deliver a heady buzz. Varieties of American Spirit Cigarettes:
The tobacco blends found in these cigarettes are:

  1. Original
  2. 100% Organic
  3. 100% US Grown
  4. Perique Rich and
  5. Perique Rich Robust.
There are 13 pack varieties in different colours to identify the tobacco blend, menthol presence/absence in filter and other factors. Give American Spirit Cigarettes a try at our online store for great prices today!