Black Devil Unique and Hard to Get:
Black Devil is one of the more interesting cigarette brands in the market. Cigarettes from this brand come in a variety of flavors not available from any other tobacco products manufacturer. Unfortunately, it is quite a task to get hold of Black Devil cigarettes, unless you are based out of the Netherlands, Switzerland or Austria. Part of the reason is because the US FDA and Australian government have banned flavored cigarettes. This is probably why Black Devils popular markets include Japan, Malaysia and European countries. But you dont have to worry - at our online store, you can very easily shop for Black Devil cigarettes in different flavors. Black Devil cigarettes are manufactured by Dutch company Heupink and Bloemen Tabak B.V. Based out of Ootmarsum, Netherlands. The family-owned company was started in 2001. Over the years, it has managed to capture the attention of consumers in many parts of the world.

Flavored cigarettes from Black Devil:
Black Devil manufactures both regular tobacco and flavored tobacco cigarettes. Some of the flavors you can choose from include:

  1. Chocolate: a strong-tasting cigarette with a rich, distinct flavor of black chocolate burns quite fast.
  2. Rose: first of its kind in the world with a strong hint of rose for those who appreciate this flavor.
  3. Vanilla: a smooth-tasting cigarette with an enjoyable after-taste vanilla.
  4. Black: a weaker taste of tobacco with a hint of vanilla.
  5. Special: slightly weak, pleasant aroma and smooth smoke, this is ideal for light smokers who do not enjoy harsher tastes.
  6. Special flavor: combines the flavors of vanilla and caramel.
These cigarettes may be said to be an acquired taste not all smokers may take to them easily. It has, however, been observed that non-smokers prefer the aroma of Black Devil cigarettes more than normal tobacco cigarettes.

More details about Black Devil cigarettes:
The 85 mm king-sized cigarettes from this brand are packaged stylishly each pack comprises 20 cigarettes. The tar content of the cigarettes is 10mg while the nicotine and carbon monoxide contents stand at 0.8 mg and 10 mg respectively.