Camel Cigarettes Shopping

Enjoying Popularity Since 1913: If you consider yourself a cigarette aficionado, your smoking experience is not complete without Camel cigarettes. The brand revolutionized the tobacco industry in the early 1900s when the normal practice was to roll up your own cigarettes. While there were a number of brands that sold tobacco, none of them offered pre-rolled and packed cigarettes, and certainly not nationwide.

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In 1913, Camel cigarettes were introduced by R. J. Reynolds who also developed an enviable advertising campaign to market this new product. Months before the release of this ingenious product, Reynolds distributed marketing campaigns that read - The camels are coming. Needless to say, this campaign generated a lot of buzz amongst the public and made Camel cigarettes an instant success. Today, it is hard to believe that the first packs released by Camel were sold for just ten cents for twenty cigarettes, gaining massive popularity in the United States.

Camels Meteoric Rise to Success:

The eight million dollar advertising campaign drawn out before the release of Camel cigarettes paid off rather quickly as the company gained market share steadily. Four years after the release of Camel cigarettes, the company was enjoying a market share of 33% and by 1923, the share increased to a whopping 45%. By 1930, several competing cigarette brands emerged in the market and more and more people took to smoking for its relaxing properties.
Despite the increasing competition, Camels continued to rule the tobacco industry as they were also most recommended by doctors and medical experts. Through the 50s to the 90s, Camels widespread advertising kept it at the top of its game. Today, some of the most popular Camel products include the Classic, Turkish as well as Exotic Blends of Camels.

The Unique Camel Blend:

Apart from the excellent marketing strategies, the success of Camel cigarettes is mostly attributed to the use of high quality tobacco. Camel cigarettes were the first of its kind to use the perfect blend of tobacco from Virginia, Turkey and Burly. In comparison to the harsher tobacco available at the time, Camel cigarettes gained an edge in almost every aspect. The first packs of cigarettes introduced by Camel were unfiltered and over the years, several variations were added to the list. Today, Camel cigarettes are available as Regulars or Straights.