Capri Cigarettes: For Delicate Fingers!
In 1986, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp decided to push the envelope and create the slimmest cigarette available to the masses in that era. Today, Capri cigarettes are a popular brand produced by R.J. Reynolds and was first introduced in 1987. Pioneers in slim cigarettes, Capri cigarettes were initially marketed to women owing to their slender and delicate design.

The Origins of Capri Cigarettes:
The new and revolutionary brand sought to compete with popular female-oriented cigarette brands like Virginia Slims. When it was first introduced in the late 80s, the Capri brand was marketed in a limited manner, appearing in womens magazines and promoted through standard outdoor advertising techniques. As its popularity grew, Capri began advertising its brand in more creative methods like offering newspaper coupons to enter in sweepstakes competitions and promising a shopping trip for two to Paris. In 1990, Capri's competitor Virginia Slims introduced Superslims, pushing Capri to reinvent its product. Changing the tagline from Trim and Light to Super Slims, Capri also added a gold line on the cigarette pack to make it more attractive. Later in the same year, Brown & Williamson outdid themselves again and introduced the longest and slimmest cigarettes available in the decade, dubbing it as Luxury Length. After a few years, Capri went on to introduce Ultra Lights, advertising in several national magazines with nationwide marketing campaigns.

The Anatomy of a Capri Cigarette:
As they are extensively marketed to women and light smokers, the size and dimensions of a typical Capri cigarette are different from a standard filtered cigarette. In comparison to a standard 25mm circumference for most cigarettes, Capri cigarettes measured only 17mm and about 100 mm and 120 mm in length. Our collection of Capri cigarettes includes their most popular choices like lights, ultra lights, menthols and menthol ultra lights. Capri cigarettes are available in flip top boxes and are roughly segregated into four variations i.e. Capri Magenta 100s and 120s Lights, Capri Violet 100s Ultra Lights, Capri Indigo 100s and 120s Menthol Lights, and Capri Jade 100s Menthol Ultra Lights. To enjoy a unique smoking experience with classic, vintage and ultra slim varieties, browse our range of Capri cigarettes.