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Chesterfield Cigarettes

Boasting a Rich History:
Manufactured by Altria, Chesterfield cigarettes were named after the Virginia-based County of the same name. Easily one of the most popular and fast-selling brands of the early twentieth century, Chesterfield has transformed from a popular everyday brand to one of antique value. Originally produced by Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company throughout the past century, Chesterfield cigarettes were then sold to Phillip Morris Companies Inc in 1999. Chesterfields continue to be ever-popular in Europe along with rare appearances in the United States.

Chesterfields over the Years:
Its Brand Value and Marketing: Chesterfield cigarettes were among the most popular brands in the 1930s and 40s and sponsored radio programs. One popular radio show called the Chesterfield Hour features several renowned musicians like Glenn Miller, Harry James and Paul Whiteman. During the 1950s, Chesterfield gained importance through sponsorship of Dragnet for the TV and radio programs. Theatrical versions of Dragnet in 1954 were also sponsored by Chesterfield and included product placements in news counters, drug stores and cigarette vending machines. Chesterfield cigarettes were the talk of the town when popular shows like Gunsmoke and the Twilight Zone featured these cigarettes to promote the brand. Throughout the 1940s and 50s, Chesterfield cigarette were represented by celebrity spokespersons like Ronald Reagan, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Arthur Godfrey and Perry Como.

Chesterfield Cigarettes in Popular Culture: Chesterfield cigarettes are a valuable product for smokers and cigarette aficionados, and the frequent references to the brand in popular culture have only added to its iconic status. In the James Bond 007 novel series, the titular character and the most famous spy in the world regularly indulged in King Size Chesterfield cigarettes. Stephen Kings 1983 novel Pet Cemetery included a character named Jud Crandall who frequently smoked Chesterfield cigarettes. Released in 1982, Donald Fagens album The Nightfly included a track that named Chesterfield Kings. The album cover also included a pack of Chesterfields Regular cigarettes on a table. Treat yourself to one of the largest ions of popular cigarette brands from around the world on Our Chesterfield cigarette catalogue includes the Classic Red, Classic Red Soft, Classic Blue, and the ever-popular Short Non Filter, all from Spain!