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Davidoff Cigarettes

Defining Luxury:
A luxury tobacco brand from Switzerland, Davidoff offers one of the finest ranges of cigarettes, pipe tobaccos and cigars. Imperial Tobacco is currently the owner of Davidoff cigarettes. Davidoffs range of classic cigarettes includes Magnum, Classic, Mild, Lights, Supreme, Magnum Lights, Ultra Lights, Slims, Super Slims, Menthol Lights, Menthol, Gold, and One. Offering a number of varieties under each variation of Davidoffs collection, these cigarettes are a favorite among aficionados with a taste for the rich and opulent.

A brief history of Davidoff Cigarettes:
The luxury Swiss brand was the brainchild of Zino Davidoff, who hailed from a family of cigar merchants and manufacturers located in Kiev Russia. Emigrating to Switzerland in 1911, the Davidoff family owned their first tobacco shop in 1912. Zino then studied in Latin America about tobacco trading and spent considerable time in tobacco hubs like Brazil, Cuba and Argentina. In 1930, he took over his family shop in Switzerland, a prosperous business during the Second World War. In the 1940s, Zino made a name for marketing luxury Cuban cigars and naming them after popular wines of Bordeaux. It is also believed that Zino Davidoff created the worlds first cigar humidor to preserve their freshness under identical temperature and humidity conditions of Havana. After writing a number of successful books on cigar smoking and becoming an expert on Cuban cigars, Davidoff sold his successful shop to Max Oettinger Company in 1970. Remaining the official ambassador of Davidoff Cigarettes till his death in 1994, Zino Davidoff is considered the sole mind behind the success of this brand.

The Max Oettinger Company:
First established in 1875, the company was one of the premier importers of cigars from Havana, selling a number of luxury brands across Europe. In Switzerland, Germany and France, Havana cigars gained immense popularity. The Max Oettinger Company paid well over a million dollars to acquire the Davidoff shop, considered an exorbitant amount back in the day. Today, Davidoff is more than just a cigarette brand, offering luxury in the form of Cuban cigars, pipes and humidors to the smoking aficionado. Choose from the finest cigarettes from Davidoff right here and complete your smoking experience with one of the finest ions of tobacco products online!