Dunhill Cigarettes

An Iconic Name:
Dunhill cigarettes are manufactured by the British American Tobacco company and are considered one among the finest brands of refined cigarettes. An interesting fact about Dunhill cigarettes is that the American distribution is headed by R.J. Reynolds, another giant in the tobacco industry. These premium cigarettes are available in two varieties i.e. Dunhill King Size and Dunhill International. Initially known as Dunhill Red Gold, Dunhill International is now considered among the most popular choices for cigarette aficionados. The brand Dunhill was launched in 1907 by Alfred Dunhill. He opened his tobacco shop that offered an unparalleled range of smoking products and premium range cigars. By 1912, Dunhill came out with its own brand of cigarettes, followed by Dunhill King Size. For the first few decades, Dunhill cigarettes were distributed by the Rothmans International Company till 1999. After this year, British American Tobacco announced its ties with the Rothmans International Company and soon took absolute control over its production and distribution.

More about British American Tobacco:
The British American Tobacco company has stuck around for over a century, facing its share of ups and downs. Established in 1902, the company began as a joint venture between the American Tobacco Company and the Imperial Tobacco Company from the United Kingdom. The manufacturer company was established to trade tobacco products not just in the United States or the United Kingdom, but also all over the world.

The aroma of Dunhill cigarettes:
Typical Dunhill cigarettes are a class apart from other brands that posses a unique and pleasant fragrance of fresh tobacco. Mainly spicy in nature with a slight hint of sweetness, the main aroma of Dunhill cigarettes remains the taste of pure unadulterated tobacco. The flavor of Dunhill cigarettes are not spoilt or diluted with additives, making them saturated and rich. Considered one of the best cigarette brands in the world, Dunhill offers a wide range of cigarette varieties include Dunhill Top Leaf, Dunhill King Size and Dunhill Fine Cut. All Dunhill cigarettes are manufactured from premium tobacco from Virginia and each tobacco leaf is cut three times thinner than standard cigarettes, making their flavor more robust. Choose from our excellent ion of Dunhill cigarettes to enjoy an unparalleled smoking experience.