Eve Cigarettes- Appreciated by the Fairer Sex:
Eve is an American cigarette brand and is owned by the Liggett Group. First introduced in 1971, Eve cigarettes were first targeted for the fast growing market for women. A competitor to the popular Virginia Slims, Eve cigarettes were targeted towards feminine audiences, always accompanied by delicate and quaint designs. In comparison to Virginia Slims that were targeted towards ambitious and independent women, Eves were aimed at grabbing the attention of naturally feminine women.

The image of Eve Cigarettes:
Eve cigarettes were initially introduced 100mm in length and were soon increased in 120mm in the next two years. Meant to be associated with feminine slimness and other slender attributes of women, Eve cigarettes were also packaged accordingly. The longer and slimmer cigarettes were packed in boxes with designs of flowers and other delicate designs that caught the fancy of women. Eve cigarettes were mainly marketed to make a woman look more attractive, complete with floral prints and ads featuring slender beautiful women smoking Eves. For more than four decades, Eve cigarettes continue to be marketed to young women who want to appear more feminine, delicate and lady-like. Despite this, the design and overall appeal of Eves have not changed as they continually evolved with changing times. From flowery and delicate designs, different flavors of Eve cigarettes adopted different colour schemes and designs. Recently, the flowers were replaced by butterfly motifs in a number of colours to suit different flavors.

Our range of Eve cigarettes: Eve cigarettes consist of an exciting range of light and ultra light products in multiple flavors. The 100s from Eve did not find the same success as the 120s and that is why today, Eve sells only 120s in different variations. Since 2010, Eve cigarettes sold four distinct products i.e. Eve Lights 120s, Eve Menthol Lights 120s, Even Menthol Ultra Lights 120s, as well as Eve Ultra Lights 120s. After July 2010, Eve changed its products names under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. Currently, Eve sells four options i.e. Eve Amethyst 120s, Eve Sapphire 120s, Eve Menthol Emerald 120s, and Eve Menthol Turquoise 120s. If you are excited to try out elegant and feminine cigarettes by Eve, browse our collection and satisfy your taste buds with the gentle compulsion of tobacco smoke.