Fortuna Cigarettes

A Much-Liked Spanish Import:
Fortuna cigarettes are among the most popular brands of tobacco products in Spain. Owned by Altadis, a Franco-Spanish venture, Fortuna is a product of the Imperial Tobacco Group in Britain. This cigarette brand was first introduced in 1974 by a Spanish tobacco company called Tabacalera which currently constitutes half of Altadis. A typical Fortuna cigarette is a unique blend consisting of American tobacco, mainly harvested from Virginia. Since 2006, Fortuna cigarettes have been the frontrunners in the Spanish tobacco market and continues to be one of the most sold brands in the continent. After almost four decades of its launch in Spain, Fortuna cigarettes were then introduced to other parts of Europe and the Americas. In 2004, Fortuna cigarettes forayed into several countries across Europe including Austria, Italy, France, Poland, Luxembourg as well as Finland. In the Americas, Fortuna cigarettes were introduced in 2004 in Panama and Brazil in 2007. By the next year, this popular brand found its way into the United States through Commonwealth Brands in North Carolina.

The typical Fortuna experience:

All Fortuna cigarettes today are produced in Spain and include a unique combination of pure tobacco American tobacco from Virginia as well as tobacco sourced from all over the world. These blends include tobacco harvested in Central America, Asia and Africa. Fortuna cigarettes are generally available in 85mm King Size in packs of 10 or 20. The USP of these cigarettes is the lack of additives and other chemicals that lend a strong and intense flavor to Fortuna. Since its launch, Fortuna cigarette packs have sported several motorcycle and automobile brands and they continue to stick to this tradition. Fortuna cigarettes are currently available in three main variations. The Spanish versions of Fortuna cigarettes include the Oriental Origin, Tropic Origin and the Savannah Origin. These cigarettes are found in king size and also feature Rally Fortuna that carries sports imagery on the pack as well as the Smin De Fuego range of cigarettes. On our online catalogue, we feature an exciting range of Fortuna cigarettes for the tobacco connoisseur. You can choose from single packs to 40 pack cartons in Red and Blue cigarettes. Fortuna cigarettes also offer a delightful Menthol flavor that promises a rich and aromatic smoking experience.