Gitanes Cigarettes:

Originating from France, Gitanes cigarettes is owned by the Imperial Tobacco Company. In contrast to other blonde cigarettes, classic Gitanes cigarettes are rolled with darker tobacco and are popularly sold in South America and Europe. The tobacco used in the classic Gitanes Brunes is considered to be unique and distinctively biting, owing to a fire-flue method to cure the tobacco. The brand also makes use of a different type of rolling paper in comparison to others. Gitanes cigarettes previously operated multiple factories in parts of Europe. Today, however, these cigarettes are manufactured exclusively from the Netherlands factory.

While the classic range uses a rice type of paper, Gitanes Mais uses a paper made from yellow corn. These unique additions add a strong flavor and a characteristic aroma typical of Gitanes cigarettes. Every box of Gitanes cigarettes is characterized by a unique combination of white, black and blue, featuring a Spanish gypsy playing a tambourine. Gitanes Brunes is currently available in filtered and unfiltered versions of 70mm cigarettes while Gitanes Blondes is offered in filtered with two variations of Regular and Light.

History of Gitanes Cigarettes:

Being one of the most popular cigarette brands in the world, Gitanes found its humble beginnings in 1910 when four versions of unfiltered cigarettes were made available. In the next eight years, Gitanes Mais took to the forefront, finding immense success in rural regions. It wasnt until 1956 when Gitanes came out with the first filter cigarette and in 1981, the brand released light versions of the already popular cigarette. Five years later, Gitanes Blondes were introduced, albeit receiving mixed reactions and in the next few years, the company went on to launch extra-light and ultra-light versions of the product. In 1990, the company introduced and version of Gitanes Blondes in an ultra-light version. During the time, Gitanes was owned by SEITA and in 1999, a merger between the owner and Spanish Tabacalera led to the creation of Altadis, which now serves as the current producer of these cigarettes. Choose from the exciting range of Gitanes cigarettes. From the classic Blondes to the gritty and strong Brunes, our online catalogue pleases the discerning tobacco lover.