John Player Special Cigarettes Shopping

John Player Special Cigarettes: John Player Cigarettes are popularly known as Players. John Player & Co. was a cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company with factories in Nottingham.


History of John Players:
John Player used to sell pre-packed tobacco from his shop in Nottingham. Until then, smokers had to buy the paper and the tobacco separately and then roll it up. So, his pre-packed tobacco was very popular. In the year 1877, he bought a tobacco factory in Broad Marsh owned by William Wright. By 1881, his tobacco business had expanded so much that he bought some land in Radford and had three factories built there. He started the Castle Tobacco Factory in one of the factories. After his death in 1884, the factory was run by some family friends until his sons took over after 9 years. By 1901, powerful tobacco manufacturers from America were trying to trying to enter the British market. To protect their turf, thirteen tobacco manufacturers from Britain came together and formed a business, the Imperial Tobacco Company. J.D. Player and W.G joined the new company as directors. Now the company is wholly owned by the Imperial Tobacco Company.

John Player Specials - the brand:
The brand, John Player Specials, was first launched in 1970 in the UK. John Player Specials is one of the most popular cigarette brands in the world and it is currently available in 14 markets. The Imperial Tobacco Group sells more than 24.8 billion sticks of John Player Special cigarettes every year.

Blends available - taste and flavors:
John Player Special cigarettes are available in several blends such as JPS Gold, JPS Blue, JPS Red, JPS Black, JPS American Blend - Red, JPS American Blend - Silver, JPS American Blend - White, JPS Menthol, JPS American Blend - Red 100s and others.

Blend Descriptions:
JPS Gold, JPS Blue, and JPS Red are made from the finest Virginia blend, flue-cured tobacco. This is a single leaf tobacco product. JPS American Blend Cigarettes contain three blends - flue-cured tobacco, burley tobacco and oriental tobacco. The blend is responsible for a cigarettes special taste and flavor. For example, oriental tobacco in the American blend gives a slight aroma and has a smooth taste.