Karelia Cigarettes Shopping

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Karelia Cigarettes:
Karelia sold over 14 billion cigarette sticks in the year 2011. This brand is from Greece and is the countrys largest manufacturer and exporter of cigarettes. The company that introduced this brand was started in 1888 by George Karelia and Stathis Karelia, as the Karelia Tobacco Company. Back then, the company used to sell cut tobacco to their customers in paper pouches. Now you can find Karelia cigarettes in over 65 countries around the world. The company produces over 16,000 cigarettes every minute. In fact, one out of every 300 cigarettes lit anywhere, is a Karelia cigarette. The companys manufacturing facility and headquarter is in Kalamata, Greece. It also has five subsidiaries. Two of them are in Greece while the rest are spread across Turkey, UK and Bulgaria.

Karelia brands:
Karelia cigarettes are very popular in Greece as well as internationally. The company has more than 120 years of experience in making exquisite cigarettes. Even the most discerning smoker will find a Karelia blend that he will like. Karelia cigarettes come in elegant packaging that exudes style. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that produces brands of a high quality. This facility can also store tobacco to the extent of 15,000 tons at once. The tobacco is cured with modern equipment and prepared, to give it a special quality. Karelia has a number of brands such as Karelia Slims, Karelia King Size, Karelia Filter Kasetina, Karelia Royal, Wellington, Rex Red 25s, Karelia Special, American Legend, Leader Red, George Karelia and Sons Excellence, Superior Virginia, Ome Superslims and more.

Blends available:
Karelia cigarettes are available in several blends such as Oriental blend, Virginia blend, American blend and International blend. Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria are known for their fine, oriental blend tobacco. This blend is very aromatic.

Taste and flavor:
Karelia cigarettes are available in plain ovals without filter, lights low tar, menthol and other varieties. Karelia is well-known for its premium cigarettes and the brand has gained a worldwide reputation for quality. You can now buy your favourite Karelia Cigarette for cheap prices at TobaccoOnline, Britains premier online cigarette shop.