Kent Cigarettes:
Kent is famous for its Micronite filter, which supposedly filters more tar and nicotine from the cigarette than any other brand in the market. Kent is the British American Tobacco company's best selling cigarette in the premium segment. It is sold in more than 70 countries worldwide and it is one of the leaders in the market.

History of Kent Cigarettes:
Kent cigarettes were launched by the Lorillard Tobacco Company in 1952. Interestingly, the brand was named after the company's then chairman, Herbert Kent. There was a time when Kent cigarettes were even exchanged for food and other items. It is probably the only cigarette to have earned this distinction. According to a news article that appeared in The Gazette Montreal in 1984, Kent cigarettes were used in Romania to barter goods and services. The cigarettes were being used as currency. Some Romanians were even caught when they were trying to smuggle thousands of packets of Kent cigarettes to Italy on a train. In the 1960s, Lorillard launched a new filter, which contained activated carbon. This improved the sales significantly. In the 1970s, British American Tobacco acquired the brand hoping to turn it into a rival against Marlboro. The brand was relaunched in 1977 and since then its sales have continued to grow. The most recent rebranding was done in 2006.

Varieties available:
Kent cigarettes are available in varieties such as Kent Futura, Kent Neo Silver, Kent Kings Full Flavor, Kent Golden Lights, Kent 100 Full Flavor, Kent III Ultra Lights Kings, Kent Blue Futura, Kent Nanotek Neo, Kent Original Taste, Kent Deluxe 100s, Kent Nanotek Infina, Kent Futura Menthol, and more.

Kent cigarette blends:
Kent cigarettes are known for their high-quality tobacco which is made from a rich blend. It also has a wonderful aroma as many smokers have attested. The activated carbon Micronite filter is another innovation, which none of the other popular cigarettes have. Kent White contains about 1 mg tar and 0.1 mg nicotine. This is for those who like their cigarettes to be light. Kent Blue cigarettes will be suitable for smokers who like classic hard cigarettes. This cigarette contains 7 mg tar and 0.8 mg nicotine. Kent Silver contains 4 mg tar and 0.3 mg nicotine.

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