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L&M Cigarettes:
The L&M in L&M cigarettes stands for Ligget & Myers which is the parent company. Ligget & Myers named the brand after its own name, a rarity in the tobacco industry. The company began as a partnership between the J.E Ligget and Brother company- the first to create blended cigarettes in 1869, and George Smith Myers, a Missouri native. The Ligget & Myers Tobacco Company was formed in 1873. It was not until 1953 that L&M cigarettes were launched. Many famous movies stars such as Rosalind Russell, Fredric March and Barbara Stanwyck have starred in L&M commercials.

International success:
Positioned as a premier tobacco brand, L&M soon became popular in the US. Emboldened by its domestic success, the company decided to take the brand international. It is now one of the most popular cigarettes in Latin America, northern and central Europe, South Asia and the Arab world. The Vector group, which owned the brand, sold it to Phillip Morris Companies Inc. in 1999. Phillip Morris Companies Inc. was rechristened as the Altria Group in 2003. L&M cigarettes is now the Altria Groups second largest selling cigarette brand. L&M was re-launched in 2007, with an d package and bolstered with a blitzkrieg marketing campaign.

Varieties in L&M:
You can buy L&M varieties such as Light Blue, Menthol, Red Full and Turkish Blend from our website. Several more varieties such as Cran Grape, Strawberry and Night are available, but you might not find them in every country. Smokers have described the cigarettes as smooth, rich and mellow. The quality of the tobacco is one of the best available and has a strong flavor. Turkish tobacco - also known as oriental tobacco - is a small leaved, aromatic tobacco variety which is cured under the sun. Interestingly, most of the early cigarettes were made from oriental tobacco or at least contained oriental tobacco in some percentage. The tobacco has a mild flavor and contains a smaller percentage of nicotine and than Virginia and burley tobacco. Our website is one of the best places on the internet to buy L&M cigarettes. You not only get great discounts, your order will also be delivered right to your home.