Lambert & Butler Cigarettes:
Did you know that Lambert & Butler was originally an international size cigarette? An international size cigarette is longer than a king size cigarette but not as long as a Superkings. The brand was first launched in 1974 and now it is the largest selling brand of cigarette in the UK. In 2011, it had notched up sales of more than $1350 million in the UK, way ahead of its other competitors. The company was started by two gentlemen named Charles Lambert and Charles Butler. Their business was one of the first to manufacture cigars in the UK. By the 1900s, the American Tobacco Company was making serious inroads into the UK market. To protect their business, the partners merged their business with Imperial Tobacco, with twelve other companies including John Players. Lambert & Butler was launched as a king size cigarette in 1979, followed by the Ten-A-Pack in 1987. In 1997, keeping up with global trends, the company launched a menthol cigarette. The next year, Ultra Milds, now called Lights were introduced. The company had an innovative advertising campaign for this cigarette and most of its success in the UK can be attributed to it. The 1997 advertisements featured two men. One of them dressed like a butler. The other man would ask the butler a question and the butler would respond with a witty answer.

Varieties in this brand:
Lambert & Butler cigarettes are available in several varieties such as Gold, Kings, Menthol, Silver and Glide Tec. The Glide Tec pack is very popular and might soon become the standard. Glide Tec is available in Gold, Silver and Menthol varieties. Two new varieties were also launched in 2012 - Profile and Fresh Burst. The latter contains a menthol capsule in the filter tip. The smoker can pop this capsule and the menthol will percolate in the cigarette. The former has a thinner diameter and was created for the busy smoker. From May 2013, Lambert & Butler cigarettes will be available in a new packet with a modern logo. The new design is expected to improve the cigarettes shelf life and enhance its appeal to smokers of premium cigarettes.