Lucky Strike Cigarettes:
Lucky Strike cigarettes are also known as Luckies. Lucky Strike is an American brand, belonging to the British American Tobacco group. In the 1930s, Lucky Strike was the highest selling cigarette brand in the US. The credit for the creation of the brand goes to R.A Patterson from Richmond, Virginia who first launched Lucky Strike as a chewing tobacco. The cigarettes came later. The American Tobacco Company acquired Pattersons company in 1905. In 1917, the company launched an advertising campaign with the tagline, Its Toasted, to educate customers about Lucky Strikes manufacturing process, where the tobacco was not sun-dried but rather toasted to give it a unique flavor. The cigarettes were originally available in a green packet. By the 1940s, cigarettes had become popular with women, and they did not find the green colour of the packet attractive. The task of changing the design was given to Raymond Loewy, an industrial designer. The companys president George Washington Hill challenged Loewy to come up with a better package and wagered a bet of $50,000. Loewy responded by changing the background to white and designing a new logo - the famed red, white and green bulls eye. Lucky Strike cigarettes have become a cultural phenomenon and have received coverage in many films, television serials, video games and even music. Lucky Strike is one of the worlds best known cigarette brands.

Lucky Strike Brands:
Lucky Strike has many sub-brands such as Lucky Strike Click and Roll, Lucky Strike Non filter, Lucky Strike Original Red, Lucky Strike Red, Lucky Strike Short Non Filter, Lucky Strike Silver, Lucky Strike Red 21 and more. In Lucky Strike Click & Roll, the filter contains a menthol capsule. When this capsule is crushed, menthol flavor percolates through the cigarette. If you want, you can enjoy classic Lucky Strike without crushing the capsule. While Lucky Strike has not managed to retain its number one spot in its original market, it is now sold in many countries over the world such as Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Italy, UK and more.

Taste and flavor:
Lucky Strike is an American blend cigarette, which means it contains Virginia tobacco, burley tobacco and oriental tobacco.