Pall Mall Cigarettes Shopping


Pall Mall Cigarettes:
Pall Mall cigarettes are easily one of the most popular American brands of tobacco cigarettes manufactured by R.J. Reynolds in North Carolina. The cigarette brand is marketed by its owner within the United States and by the British American Tobacco company worldwide. Named after a popular street in London, Pall Mall was first introduced in the UK in the year 1899 as an attempt to offer premium cigarettes to upper-class consumers. First launched by the Butler and Butler Company, Pall Mall was then acquired in 1907 by the American Tobacco company. The company then used the cigarettes to experiment and innovate with the design aspects as well, finding new ways of stuffing tobacco that were easier to use. Coming up with the idea for King Size cigarettes i.e. 85mm, the size then became a standard for modern-day cigarettes. In the 1960s, Pall Mall was considered the most popular brand in America. The brand soon introduced the longs i.e. 100mm cigarettes that received intense competition from other popular brands at the time, like Winston.

Acquisition by Brown & Williamson:
In the mid 1990s, the company along with Lucky Strike was bought by Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation as American Tobacco got rid of all tobacco brands. Currently, Pall Mall is the popular cigarette brand for R. J. Reynolds and is the third most famous behind Newport and Marlboro. Despite the acquisition, Pall Mall cigarettes are sold under the name R. J. Reynolds under filtered and unfiltered varieties in the United States and worldwide, focusing on the latter. Pall Mall cigarettes are sold in two main variations that include Red for full flavor and Blue for light smoking experiences. In October last year, the company introduced two variations of menthol cigarettes called Pall Mall Black and Pall Mall White. While the former is considered to be full flavored, the latter is smoother and easier on the palette. Pall Mall continues to sell its traditional menthol cigarettes under the name Pall Mall Green. Apart from its usual range, American-style cigarettes by Pall Mall are produced by Rothmans and are sold for the price of a premium brand, promising a fulfilling and flavorful smoking experience.