Silk Cut Cigarettes - The Best Cigarettes with Low Tar Content:
Silk Cut cigarettes are made by the Gallaher Group, one of the leading manufacturers of tobacco products in the European Union. The Silk Cut brand of cigarettes was launched in the year 1963 and enjoyed high levels of popularity in the 1980s. Its advertisement made in the face of an impending ban on tobacco brand promotion was a huge hit among the masses and is still fondly remembered by many.

Silk Cut - The Different Varieties:
Since its launch, Silk Cut has been the favourite low tar brand of many cigarette smokers. Its lower tar content in comparison to other cigarette brands has always appealed to a community of the smoking public who are wary of the harmful effects of smoking. The original Silk Cut cigarettes used to be a mix of tobacco and an additive known as Cytrel. Cytrel was added as a substitute for tobacco. They have done away with the additive so that their cigarettes are now purely tobacco.

Silk Cut cigarettes are available in many varieties:
Purple: The most popular variety is the Silk Cut Purple Mild. With tar levels that are less than half of other cigarettes and low nicotine levels, the Purple Silk Cuts offer a good light smoke. Despite its mildness, it has a characteristic taste and flavor that makes each drag a smooth smoking experience. Its a perfect light for someone looking to get away from strong cigarettes.

Silver: Silk Cut Silver contains 1mg tar and the nicotine content is 0.1mg. Aimed for smokers who are not looking for a heavenly high, the Silver Silk Cut gives a fresh light smoke that can be enjoyed by health-conscious smokers.

Blue: With 3mg tar and 0.3mg nicotine, the Blue variety of Silk Cut cigarettes is milder than the Purple variety. It has a long burn to it and gives a pleasant smoke.

White: The White variety of cigarettes from Silk Cut has the lowest tar and nicotine content of all the varieties of Silk Cuts with 0.5mg of tar and only 0.01mg of nicotine.

Silk Cut cigarettes are known for their lower tar content and offer some of the best cigarettes in the category.