Superkings Cigarettes - A Trusted Name in Cigarettes:
At a length of 100mm, Superkings was the first brand in the UK with cigarettes longer than the king size. The Superkings brand comes from the house of Imperial Tobacco. During its first release, it went by the brand name of John Player. Superkings is a generic name for extra-long cigarettes used throughout the world and its possible to run into the namesake brands of the original Superkings, which is available only in the UK, Australia and Ireland.

The Unique Superkings Market Niche:
Superkings have always been unique in one way- it has targeted female smokers. And it has been generously and loyally rewarded for this as the brand remains extremely popular among women. In the UK, Superkings cigarettes have a market share of a little over 3% and they rank ninth on the list of popular cigarette brands here. A large majority of its market share are women among whom the brand remains quite a favourite. The longer stick size and the milder nature of the Superkings cigarettes have contributed in a big way to their success among the fairer sex. The brands marketing strategy has time and again aimed at the working-class women and with satisfying results.

What Varieties to Expect?
The Superkings cigarettes are available in the following varieties:

  1. Menthol: Superkings menthol cigarettes give you the rich, cool and aromatic flavor of menthol without ignoring the tobacco. It offers a refreshing smoke - something that is made sure by menthol.
  2. Blue: The strongest tasting of all the Superkings varieties, the Blue Superkings burns long. It gives a good buzz and despite its strong taste, it does not leave an aftertaste in the mouth. The Blue cigarettes are one of the more popular varieties of Superkings and are great with a cup of hot coffee and molten chocolate.
  3. Black: The Black variety makes for pleasant and smooth smoking.

The packaging of Superkings cigarettes consists of vertical bars coloured golden and blue, white, green or black. The cigarette filter is brown in colour and there are a couple of gold circles at the cigarettes base.