Vogue Cigarettes - They are a Fashion Statement: Vogue is the cigarette brand of the divas. Styled for the glamorous and fashionable, this brand of cigarette is produced by the company named British American Tobacco. Everything about the brand - from its advertisements to the cigarettes - signifies feminine elegance and sophistication.

The History of Vogue Cigarettes: The brand of Vogue cigarettes was born in the year 1999. A merger of two reputed tobacco manufacturers across the Atlantic - Rothmans International from the U.S.A and British American Tobacco - led to the creation of the Vogue line of cigarettes.

The Vogue Collection The Vogue collection of cigarettes is one of the most impressive in the world. Its styled for the fairer sex among whom the line has found wide acceptance. The collection includes the following varieties of cigarettes:

  1. Perle Menthe Menthol: Vogues Perle Menthe makes an impression even before you have opened the pack. The distinctive texture of the pack and the embossing on it create a great first impression. The Menthol slims from Vogue are not your 100mm long cigarettes superslims are that long. They are longer than king size lights and of course quite slim. Its a really refreshing smoke with a heavier than usual quantity of menthol present in the cigarette. The Perle Menthe cigarettes are easy and pleasant to smoke, and allow smooth draw every time.
  2. Lilas Superslims: These Vogue cigarettes offer you a genuine smoking experience. Strong on tobacco and giving very little way in terms of style, Lilas Superslims is the perfect cigarette for a smoke after a meal.
  3. Blue Filter: Packaged in elegant designs that are Vogues hallmark, the Blue Filter variety of cigarettes is a part of the Arome line at Vogue. Perle Menthe and Lilas are the other two varieties in this collection. The Blue Filter cigarettes have a rich flavor but retain the natural taste of tobacco. Targeted at mild smokers, the Blue Filter burns easily and offers a clean taste.

There are many other varieties such as the Black Filter, Luxury Light, Colours, Ultra Lights and Charcoal Slims. Vogues cigarettes have a lot of visual appeal but have great taste too.