American Spirit Rolling Tobacco - For the Pure Taste of Tobacco.
One of the best compliments one can pay a tobacco product is to call it genuine or authentic. American Spirit rolling tobacco richly deserves this compliment. One of the finest brands of rolling tobacco in the world, American Natural Spirit tobacco is for many smokers a standard against which all other tobacco products are measured. Manufactured by the US based tobacco company, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, American Spirit rolling tobacco is free of additives so that every drag reveals the pure and natural taste of tobacco. Through a process of merger before the turn of the millennium, the parent company of Santa Fe Natural Tobacco, Reynolds American, came under the control of British American Tobacco.

Roll Your Own Tobacco Varieties from American Spirit:
The American Spirit brand is known for producing rolling tobaccos that make for delightful smoking experiences. The following roll your own tobacco varieties are manufactured by the company:

  1. Original Blend: This comes in a blue pack and is identified by a remarkably strong taste and flavor. The brand lives up to the expectations with an additive-free blend and after you have smoked the tobacco, theres no chemical aftertaste in your mouth. If you want an authentic tobacco smoke, this is the brand for you. Available in pouches 40g and tins 150g, this variety of rolling tobacco is one of the most popular in the world.
  2. U.S Grown Blend: The dark blue pack of US Grown Blend contains a mix of the dark Virginia tobacco and the Burley variety. The blend combines the strong earthy notes of Virginia tobacco with the rich flavor of Burley tobacco to give the smoker a highly satisfying experience.
  3. Organic Blend: The tobacco is of premium quality and has superior taste than other tobaccos. Grown organically without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilisers, the Organic Blend variety gives you 100% tobacco in its every drag.
  4. Perique Blend: For a strong and pure taste of tobacco, the Perique Blend from the house of Natural American Spirit is an excellent choice. The buzz that you get from smoking this rolled tobacco is matchless. Perique blends are sold in 40g packets.