Cutters Choice High-Quality Rolling Tobacco:
Rolling tobacco or Shag, as it is commonly referred to, comes in a wide range of varieties. Cutters Choice rolling tobacco uses a combination of bronze and gold Virginia tobacco to create a unique taste. Virginia tobacco is any tobacco that is harvested from the brightleaf tobacco leaf. Initially, the tobacco that was available for purchase was harvested by fire-curing dark-leaves. The taste of dark-leaf tobacco was strong with a potent throat-hit. In the early 19th century, there developed a rising demand for milder forms of rolling tobacco. Growers began harvesting tobacco from brightleaf tobacco leaves and using air-curing methods, managed to develop products that were softer on the throat. One such tobacco product was Cutters Choice.

Mild but flavorful: Cutters choice has become one of the most popular rolling tobacco products in the United Kingdom and Ireland. While the tobacco product comes in a number of different packages, on our online website we sell 50g bags of 10 at affordable rates. The rolling tobacco itself is often described as pleasant to smoke and easy on the throat. Smokers have often described the taste of the rolling tobacco as tangy yet smooth, incorporating the flavorful taste of other stronger kinds of rolling tobacco, while retaining an element of mildness.

Cutters Choice - Packaging: One of the largest problems that smokers face when consuming rolling tobacco has to do with storage. Many rolling tobacco products pay little attention to the manner in which they are packaged. In cases where rolling tobacco cannot be protected from the environment, it will rapidly dry and become harsh to smoke. Cutters choice packaging uses a long-lasting adhesive that ensures that the tobacco is not exposed to air when being stored away. Smokers have commented that the adhesive can be effective for up to ten days.

Cutters Choice Availability: Cutters Choice rolling tobacco is manufactured by John Sinclair Ltd, a tobacco manufacturer operating out of Netherlands. While it sold mainly in the UK and Ireland, it is also available in some other European countries. If you are finding it hard to locate Cutters Choice rolling tobacco, you need not worry anymore. Visit our website and buy any amount of the rolling tobacco at great prices.