Drum Rolling Tobacco Shopping


Drum - Most Popular Rolling Tobacco in the World:
Drum rolling tobacco has a long and illustrious history. As the premier rolling tobacco worldwide, drum tobacco is produced and distributed in a number of countries. Douwe Egberts, the tobacco corporation from Holland that originally produced Drum, was later acquired by Sara Lee. Sara Lee, in turn, sold the brand Drum to the British producer, Imperial tobacco, which continues to manufacture the rolling tobacco in the UK. Drum rolling tobacco is also available in North America manufactured by the Republic Tobacco of Glenview, Illinois. As such, two different versions of Drum rolling tobacco exist in the market.

What is The Difference?
Drum rolling tobacco is often referred to as Halfzware tobacco. The Dutch term means half-strength and is used to describe a particular combination of tobacco harvesting techniques. Halfzware tobacco described rolling tobacco that blends brighleaf Virgina tobacco and darker Kentucky burley tobacco. Both varieties of Drum produced use the same harvest methods but differ in the way that they are cured. Drum rolling tobacco manufactured in Holland and the UK uses an ancient barrel-curing method while North American rolling tobacco uses modern techniques of fire and air curing. There are various kinds of European blends of Drum rolling tobacco that differ in potency, throat hit, and taste. The most commonly available kinds of Drum tobacco are Drum Original, Drum Bright Blue, Drum Select, and Drum Gold.

Popularity of Drum:
Drum rolling tobacco continues to be one of the most widely available rolling tobacco products on the market. The product made an appearance in the award-winning film, Pulp Fiction, as John Travolta's characters preferred rolling tobacco. Another reason why Drum is so popular around the world is due to its wide variety of packaging. Drum rolling tobacco comes in bags and pouches of all kinds of sizes, catering to a diverse range of budgets. We sell a large variety of Drum rolling tobacco products from different parts of the world at our online shop. Regardless of whether you prefer the rolling tobacco with American-style flavor or the original Dutch flavoring, we guarantee that you will find what you're looking for.