Golden Virginia Rolling Tobacco:
Golden Virginia rolling tobacco is one of the most popular rolling tobacco brands available in the market. The product made its first foray into the market in 1877 when it was introduced to the UK population. As the roll-it-yourself market expanded, Golden Virginia rolling tobacco continued to spread to other countries. As of today, Golden Virginia tobacco is available in over 30 different countries, ranking among the top three most popular rolling tobacco brands.

Golden Virginia in Changing Times:
There is good reason as to why Golden Virginia enjoys such popularity all across the world. As a fine-cut tobacco, Golden Virginia has had to change and re-invent itself to keep up with the ever-changing tastes of the rolling tobacco industry. Its original form was developed by Imperial Tobacco in the UK and distributed throughout Europe. It is a combination of brightleaf Virginia, oriental and burley tobaccos. Needless to say, Golden Virginia was a hit among the European population quickly swallowing up a huge chunk of the market share. Imperial Tobacco, in order to avoid the product from stagnating in the market, began research on another version of the rolling tobacco, introducing Golden Virginia Yellow into the market in 2009.

Golden Virginia Yellow differs from the original Green version in the tobacco that is used. Using primarily Virginia tobacco, Yellow has a milder and smoother taste to its Green counterpart. Typically though, the Golden Virginia product is known for its potent throat-hit and its sweetness.

Golden Virginia Packaging:
Since it is sold across so many countries, Golden Virginia rolling tobacco is packaged in a number of different sizes, in an attempt to market it to a larger demographic. On our website, Golden Virginia rolling tobacco is available in bags of 12.5g, 25g, 30g, 40g or 50g. Our stock of Golden Virginia rolling tobacco comes from Spain and the United Kingdom. When rolling tobacco is exposed to the air for a prolonged period of time, it becomes dry and difficult to smoke. Golden Virginia ensures that the adhesive used on its packaging is long-lasting and effective in keeping the pouch airtight.