Manitou Natural Rolling Tobacco:
In recent years, the tobacco industry has experienced an influx of natural or organic tobacco products available on the market. How are these products different from other kinds of tobacco? Organic tobacco products such as Manitou natural tobacco offer a different kind of smoking experience compared to the more common brands of rolling tobacco. Manitou natural rolling tobacco is a smoking product that is 100% additive-free. With most kind of tobacco products in the market, there are a number of chemical ingredients added that have deteriorative effects on the human body. While all tobacco products contain nicotine, natural rolling tobacco is made using pure tobacco leaves.

What Does It Taste Like?
Manitou natural rolling tobacco comes in a variety of forms. The taste of natural tobacco is determined by the region in which the tobacco leaves are grown and harvested. Although brightleaf tobacco leaves are called Virginia tobacco, the taste of the tobacco harvested from these plants differ according to the climate and environment in which the plant has grown in. Typically though, natural rolling tobacco like Manitou tobacco has a mild taste of Virginia flavor. That being said, there are versions of Manitou natural tobacco that have higher potencies and more intense throat-hits. The general consensus among smokers is that the product acts softly on the throat. If you are the kind of smoker who dislikes harsh and coarse tobacco, natural rolling tobacco may be the perfect fit for you. Smokers have noted a clear difference in the way that natural rolling tobacco smoke goes down and into the lungs, and the way in which commercial tobacco smoke does. Many smokers have commented that smoking natural rolling tobacco is far more satisfying that its commercial counter-parts.

Where Can I Find It?
Manitou natural rolling tobacco is one of the rarer products on the market. There is a misconception that Manitou natural rolling tobacco is a specialty product and can therefore only be procured through tobacconists. We stock a large variety of Manitou natural rolling tobacco made using Virginia tobacco harvested from across the world. On our online shopping portal, you can purchase 20g, 35g or 100g packets of pure Manitou natural rolling tobacco.