Old Holborn Rolling Tobacco - A Good Smoke.

Introduced by the tobacco company, Richard Lloyd & Sons, the brand of Old Holborn has been a favourite among the smoking public for a long time. The present owner of this famous rolling tobacco brand is the Gallaher Group which is a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco.*****The Smoking Experience of Old Holborn: Smoking the Old Holborn is a unique experience. It has a strong taste but a rich flavor that comes out every time you smoke it. Its considered an excellent smoking complement to a cup of coffee or a tipple of wine.

And The Choices Are:

The Old Holborn rolling tobacco comes in four different varieties.

Blue: Old Holborn Blue contains the Virginia or Brightleaf variety of tobacco. Virginia tobacco is lighter, milder, and more aromatic than other types of tobacco. The Blue Old Holborn packs contain dark Virginia tobacco which despite its relative mildness has a quite strong taste and drives up a great buzz. For someone looking for a strong smoke, the Blue Old Holborn would be just the right choice.

Yellow: Pleasing to milder tastes, the Yellow pack of the Old Holborn contains tobacco that is distinctly aromatic. Its a light and pleasant smoke. The flavor of the tobacco does not leave a bad aftertaste and is one of its strongest points. The tobacco is a mix of finely cut Virginia and Burley varieties of tobacco.

White: Lighter and milder than the Yellow pack of Old Holborn, this pack offers a smoking experience that is extremely delightful. The tobacco leaves a fresh flavor in the mouth and makes smoking enjoyable.

Orange: Orange Old Holborn packs offer an aromatic treat to the senses, besides the usual joy and pleasure of smoking. It tastes delicious and is a nice and light smoke. Its perfect for an experimental smoke - to try something different - but could very well be your regular smoke too.

Old Holborn tobacco is sold in boxes that contain ten sealed 50gm pouches. Every pack of the Old Holborn contains only highest-quality tobacco. Smoking Old Holborn rolling tobacco is all about enjoying a good, decent smoke at very affordable prices!