Peter Stokkebye Rolling Tobacco Shopping

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Peter Stokkebye Rolling Tobacco:
As far as rolling tobacco brands go, the name of Peter Stokkebye finds instant recognition. The Peter Stokkebye tobacco collection with products like Turkish Export, Danish Export, and Norwegian Shag has earned the affections and loyalties of many smokers around the world. The Stokkebye Company was established in the year 1882 in Denmark. Through its four generations in the tobacco industry, the Peter Stokkebye Company has developed a collection of tobacco products of the highest quality.

The Peter Stokkebye Tobacco Collection:
More than a centurys hard work and dedication have created a wide variety of rolling tobacco products at Peter Stokkebye. The following are the most popular among them.

Amsterdam Shag: A favourite among the smoking public, the Amsterdam Shag is known for its exceptional taste. Its clean finish and pleasant smoky flavor are perfect ingredients for a great smoke. Attractively priced, it offers a very satisfying smoke. Its easily one of the best rolling tobaccos available in the market and is a safe bet.

Danish Export: For those who like the strong and earthy taste of dark Virginia tobacco, this offering from Peter Stokkebye will indulge your taste buds. Danish Export is pure Virginia tobacco and gives a good, strong flavor. Easy to roll, the Danish Export is a fine tobacco for getting a good buzz out of your tobacco.

London Export: Mild and light with a unique taste of its own, the London Export should be your choice for rolling tobacco if you are looking for an easy yet rich smoke. It has a taste of spices to it and is pleasantly mild.

Turkish Export: For many loyalists of the Peter Stokkebye collection, the Turkish Export vies closely with the Amsterdam Shag for the top spot among tobaccos. It contains low levels of nicotine and tastes smooth. It burns well to give a natural tobacco flavor.

Stockholm Blend: A cousin of the Amsterdam Shag, the Stockholm Blend is a lot milder than the more popular Peter Stokkebye. Stockholm Blend contains finely cut tobacco and is a silky smoke - its that smooth. It has a rich flavor that makes for a satisfying smoking experience.

Peter Stokkebye rolling tobaccos are reasonably priced and with their different varieties of blends and cuts, they provide the user with a wide variety of choices.