Van Nelle Rolling Tobacco- Great Taste, Easy to Roll!
The Van Nelle brand of rolling tobacco is manufactured by a reputed name in the tobacco industry - Imperial Tobacco. Imperial tobacco has, for long, enjoyed a great reputation for its high quality fine-cut tobacco brands. It is the worlds largest producer of fine-cut tobacco and Van Nelle rolling tobacco has had a crucial role to play in it.

Van Nelle Rolling Tobacco Varieties. The premium fine-cut tobacco brand Van Nelle is available in two different blends:

Halfzware: This is a type of shag blend. The word is of Dutch origin and stands for half heavy. This Dutch blend is a mixture of Virginia and Zware shags. Van Nelle Halfzware comes in blue plastic packing.

Zware: Another Dutch shag blend, Zware means heavy in the Dutch language. The tobacco is a mixture of Latakia, Kentucky and Paraguay. The packing for Van Nelle Zware is dark blue. Both varieties of fine-cut tobacco are easily available and come in 10g, 30g, 50g and 250g pouches.

The Van Nelle Rolling Tobacco Package: You dont expect rolling tobacco to come in dazzling packing. Rolling tobacco is about the pure taste of natural tobacco and the sheer joy of a good smoke. The packing of Van Nelle rolling tobacco is meant to ensure just that. The plastic pouch is covered by a plastic wrap to preserve the tobaccos freshness.

The Taste of Van Nelle Rolling Tobacco: This Dutch blend is a treat to the senses. The mixed styles of cured tobacco make the tobacco taste strong but pleasant. Its deliciously light and offers the best of Virginia and Kentucky varieties of tobacco. The tobacco leaves a sweet aftertaste after you exhale and has a clean drag. A great smoke any time of the day, this rolling tobacco will go especially well with a cup of strong coffee and dark chocolate after you have dined and want to relax.

Smell and flavor of Van Nelle Rolling Tobacco: Van Nelle roll-your-own tobacco has the natural smell of tobacco. The tobacco when you first use it is a little moist and that helps in maintaining the fresh smell of the tobacco. It has a strong, natural flavor characteristic of Virginia tobacco.