Product facts in brief:

  • Product is most popular in Australia
  • Both 30g and 50g pouches available
  • One of the strongest blends of rolling tobacco on the market
  • Premium brand without the premium price

White Ox is a brand that's owned by Imperial Tobacco. This is the same company that manufactures other brands such as Lambert & Butler, Golden Virginia, Embassy, and Richmond. Dark rolling tobacco made in Holland.

The History of White Ox
White Ox was initially made by Douwe Egbert in The Netherlands, and is an established brand in Australia. With a distinctive taste that's well-suited to smokers who like strong tobacco, the cost of a pouch is cheap compared to other premium brands.

You can purchase this product from Tobacco Online in 30g or 50g pouches. If you would prefer to save money compared to the price for an individual pack, consider purchasing 10 pouches at once, as this deal offers better value.

Top Tips for Purchasing White Ox
The brand burns pretty fast, so it's worthwhile to stock up in advance. Some smokers recommend that you use White Ox unfiltered, and encourage you to take in the tobacco's pleasant aroma. With stock readily available on our website, it's a perfect place to make a purchase if you have been struggling to find White Ox elsewhere.

The cut of the tobacco is also broken flake, making it ready rubbed and suitable for rolling immediately. Thanks to this, you won't have to do any preparations on White Ox ahead of beginning to smoke.

When it comes to nicotine content, White Ox is noted for having a higher level of nicotine per gram compared to other grams. Although the brand is made in Europe, White Ox is mainly smoked in Australia. Interestingly, the rolling tobacco's name originates from the shop in which it was originally sold - known as Ze Vitten Oxen.

Why Tobacco Online?
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